Get involved! The New York Ramblers is a 100% volunteer-run organization. We rely on our members to not only plan and lead hikes, but to also carry out all of the off-trail administrative duties of a registered club. Won’t you pitch in?

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Lead a Hike

If you’re an experienced hiker, consider leading a hike or city walk. Need ideas? We can match you up with the sort of places you like. And if you want to buddy up and co-lead with a more experienced leader, we can help with that, too. Whether you already have a favorite destination, or want to explore a new one, we’d love to hear about it.

Ask Clive, our hike committee chair, or one of the club officers for more info.
NYC hike leader, Clive

Participate in Trail Maintenance

As a member club of the NY-NJ Trail Conference, The New York Ramblers maintains 2 miles of the Nurian Trail in Harriman State Park, NY, from Southfields, NY, to the Dunning Trail. Trail maintenance includes removing fallen trees and branches, cutting brush, picking up trash, and repainting trail blazes. We could use your help! You’ll be contributing to a better hiking experience for everyone who hikes in Harriman.

Check with Todd, our trails committee chair, for additional details. Trail maintenance hikes are listed in the schedule.
NYC hike leader, Todd

Attend the Annual Meeting

Once a year, the club holds an open board meeting to elect new officers and council members and to discuss any club business that might come up. We need 10% of the membership present to hold the annual meeting and — even more important — we look forward to hearing your thoughts on issues affecting the Ramblers and the larger hiking community.

Speak to Zee, our president, or one of the club officers about getting your ideas on the meeting agenda. The annual meeting is listed in the fall schedule.
Photo of New York Rambler, Zee.

Join the Rambler Council

The Rambler Council’s main task is to come up with our schedule of hikes, trail maintenance outings, and other club activities such as weekend trips. We meet four times a year, usually twice in April and October, to plan the schedule. Council members also work independently to develop hike routes and mentor new hike leaders. We’re always looking for new ideas and new energy to keep the schedule fresh and fun.

For additional info, check with one of our current officers, council members, or committee members (Zee, Ian, Clive, Don, Chris, Todd, Dennis, Ingrid, Lilian, Lee, Kat, and Andres.) Council members are voted in at the annual meeting.

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It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves
~Edmund Hillary

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