Discover some of the most delightful hiking trails in the greater New York City area with our volunteer hike leaders. Upcoming hikes (shown below in our Calendar) are:

  • within 50 miles of NYC
  • accessible by public transportation
  • about 16-18 miles in 8-9 hours
NYC hiking club member and guest checking map

[ Checking coordinates on the Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail, Harriman State Park, NY. ]

Sunday Hikes

We go hiking nearly every Sunday, year-round. Occasionally we hike on other days too. We go out in all kinds of weather–check with the leader if uncertain.

For more details about what to expect on our hikes, check out our About page.

Join Us

Haven’t hiked with us before? No worries–come along and see what it’s like. Please note that you MUST be an experienced hiker in good physical shape able to hike at a moderate to fast pace.

  1. Simply find a hike below
  2. Contact the hike leader, tell leader about your hiking experience, and find out when and where to meet
  3. Meet us at the designated place

Note that NYC subways are not as frequent on early Sunday mornings—allow extra time to get to the meeting place.

After coming along on two hikes, send in the application form for membership. (Annual dues are $6/year, plus $1 initial fee.)

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Hiking involves certain inherent risks; hikers participating do so at their own risk.

When you participate in activities listed in the Schedule, you should be both physically and mentally prepared and equipped with the appropriate gear. The hike leader is not responsible for your safety, you are. There is no age limit; however, those who bring children must assume full responsibility for their safety and conduct at all times. The hike leader has the authority to turn away anyone who is not adequately prepared. Hikes don’t always finish at the expected time.

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>> Hike Calendar

Sun. Mar. 4.

(Harriman State Park)
From Tuxedo, follow Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail to Tuxedo-Mt Ivy Trail, Blue Disc Trail, and Victory Trail passing Lake Skenonto. Continue on woods roads and unblazed trails passing Little Long Pond to former Rte.106 and to Long Path over Pole Brook Mountain. Use Old Turnpike, Cranberry Mountain Trail, Pine Meadow Road, and Buck Trail over Conklin Mountain, to vistas on Seven Hills Trail. Out to Tuxedo via Hillburn-Torne-Sebago Trail and TMI. Strenuous, not for beginners. NY-NJTC map 118.

[ Scouting Report: This is a quick-paced 19+ mile hike that will delight seasoned Harriman Park hikers. We traverse some favorite trails, some lesser-visited trails, and some sweet scenic vistas. Headlamps suggested, just in case we get out after sunset. Will try and exit in time to grab some Chinese takeout in Tuxedo, and board the 6:18 bus or the 6:40 train back to NYC. Hope you can come! ]

 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Leaders: Lee, Todd

Email hike leader >>

NYC hike leader, LeeNYC hike leader, Todd

Sun. Mar. 11.

(Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead.) From Croton-Harmon train station, follow local roads, parks, and Quaker Bridge to the Old Croton Aqueduct. Take OCA to the Croton Dam and Briarcliff Peekskill Trailway. Head north on the BPT to Blue Mountain Reservation County Park passing Colabaugh Pond en route. Visit the Sportsman Center. Climb Spitzenberg and Blue mountains. Out to Peekskill train station via various trails in the Reservation.
 Accessible by public transportation train—contact leaders for details. 
Leaders: Clive…

Email hike leader >>

…and Ian

Email hike leader >>


Sun. Mar. 18.

(New Jersey)
From Hewitt use Hewitt-Butler Trail as far as Overlook Rock Trail. Take ORT past Overlook Rock and shore of Lake Sonoma to join Manaticut Point Trail. From Manaticut Point, descend on HB to pink connector trail, then use Camp Wyanokie Trail to meet Otter Hole Trail. Out to Haskell from the Otter Hole via HB and Posts Brook trails and Doty Road. NY-NJTC map 115.
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Leaders: Ivan and Donve

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NYC hike leader, IvanNYC hike leader, Donve

Sun. Mar. 25.

(Harriman State Park)
Enter Harriman Park from the Diltz Road parking area, then meander up to Big Hill Shelter and the fire tower on Jackie Jones Mtn. Retrace steps as needed and use Long Path to St. John’s in-the-Wilderness Episcopal Church for annual hikers’ non-denominational service at 3:00 pm, with reception afterward. Out to Sloatsburg via flat woods roads. NY-NJTC map 118.
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Ingrid

Email hike leader >>

NYC hike leader, Ingrid

Sat. Mar. 31.

(New York)
From Patterson railway station follow Rtes 311 and 292 to West Patterson. Take Mooney Hill Road to trailhead. Follow Highlands Trail to Laurel Pond. Continue on HT and circle Wonder Lake, loop around Bare Hill on Red Trail, then use Blue and Yellow trails as well as woods roads to old railroad line and power line, out to Patterson. Optional side trip to Great Swamp.
 Accessible by public transportation train—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Ludwig
Home: 929-471-7260

>> April

Sun. Apr. 1.
No Sunday hike.
Sun. Apr. 8.

(New Jersey)
A walk from Manhattan to Hackensack connecting the two Rudy van Gelder recording studios, where more classic jazz albums were recorded than anywhere else. Cross GWB and follow Long Path past Allison Park to exit on Sylvan Ave. Pass van Gelder studio #2 and use local streets to Flat Rock Brook Nature Center. Continue to Overpeck County Park, exploring both sides of Overpeck Creek then on to Hackensack using Teaneck Creek Conservancy and Olsen and Forshini Parks. Check out White Manna (local culinary point of interest) and explore Main Street’s historically and/or architecturally significant buildings. Cimb to Summit Ave. to pass van Gelder studio #1, his boyhood home.
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Chris

Email hike leader >>

NYC hike leader, Chris

Sun. Apr. 15.

(Harriman State Park)
Begin by scouting the Nurian Trail from Southfields in advance of our trail maintenance day on May 13. After Green Pond, hike the length of the Dunning Trail to visit several abandoned mines, then head north from Pine Swamp Mine by trails and woods roads to Greenwood Mine. From there hike southwest returning to NT for optional return to Southfields, or continue to Tuxedo for a more strenuous afternoon. NY-NJTC maps 119 and 118.
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Ben

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Hike leader, Ben

Sat. Apr. 21.

Start with the cherry blossoms of Brooklyn Botanical Garden then visit those of Greenwood Cemetery and (via subway) the Central Park reservoir. Exit at 72nd Street, walking west to Riverside Park to visit the Eleanor Roosevelt statue. Continue north to visit Sakura Park whose cherry trees were donated by Japan about a century ago. Conclude in Cherry Walk, running from 125th to 100th Streets.
 Accessible by public transportation subway—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Kay

Email hike leader >>

Hike leader, Kay

Sun. Apr. 22.
No Sunday hike.
Sat. April 28.

(Harriman State Park)
From Suffern follow the Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail in its entirety to Bear Mountain Inn, hiking 23 miles with 6,000’ elevation gain. Strenuous, fast pace; must be in good physical shape and self-sufficient; not for non-members or beginners. Joint hike, awful weather cancels. NY-NJTC maps 118 and 119.

[ Note: Sorry guys, but because this extreme hike doesn’t have any early exit options and participants often hike on their own, it is reserved for members only, or by invitation. Thank you. ]

 Accessible by public transportation train—Members please contact leader prior to Tue., Apr. 24 for details. 
Leaders: Lee, Robert

Email hike leaders >>

NYC hike leader, Lee

Sun. Apr. 29.
No Sunday hike.

>> May

Sun. May 6.

(Ramapo Valley Reservation)
From Ramapo College bus stop, via Rte. 202, enter Ramapo Valley Reservation and follow various re-blazed local loop trails: Pond Loop and Vista Loop, joining Halifax Trail, then Shore Trail counterclockwise round Bear Swamp Lake. (Extension to Ilgenstein Rock if time permits.) Return to reservation area on Red-Silver Trail, then out to Rte. 202 via Ridge Loop, Marsh Loop, Reservoir Loop, and Vista Loop trails. NY-NJTC map 115.
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Leaders: Lisa…

Email hike leader >>

…and Clive

Email hike leader >>

New York City hike leader, LisaClive

Sun. May 13.

(Harriman State Park)
A full working day clearing and improving the NY Ramblers’ section of this Harriman Park trail. Bring clippers and other garden tools you possess. NY-NJTC map 119.
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Supervisor: Trails Committee Chair

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Hike leader, Ben

Sun. May 20.

Visit Westchester County’s Muscoot Farm to welcome the farm animals born this spring and hike several perimeter trails. Proceed to Lasdon Park and Garden then Angle Fly Preserve, concluding on the Kennedy Trail, winding past the Muscoot Reservoir into Goldens Bridge. About 13-14 miles at an unhurried pace, with stops to see the sights. Awful weather cancels.
 Accessible by public transportation train—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Eileen

Email hike leader >>

Fri. May 25 – Mon. May 28.

Spend three days hiking in western Massachusetts, mainly on the Appalachian Trail. Overnights at Virginia Wolff’s house. Contact leader or host in advance for details.
 Accessible by car—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Chris…

Email hike leader >>

…and host: Virginia Wolff

Email hike leader >>

NYC hike leader, Chris

Sun. May 27.

(Harriman State Park)
From Tomkins Cove use Rte. 118 to connect (via Queensboro Road jog) to 1779 Trail. Meet Red Cross Trail, which hike west to its terminus at the Arden-Surebridge Trail, then A-SB as far as the Lemon Squeezer cross roads. Out to Rte. 17 via Appalachian Trail. NY-NJTC map 119.
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Leaders: Lilian…

Email hike leader >>

…and Zee

Email hike leader >>


>> Looking Ahead

Advance notice: Fri. June 22–Mon. June 25.

Up to four days hiking in the Central Catskills, focusing on the Long Path. Hikes to include Plateau, Sugarloaf, and Indian Head Mountains. Contact leader at least a month in advance for details.
 Accessible by car—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Ian

Email hike leader >>



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Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.
~Jack Kerouac

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