Discover some of the most delightful hiking trails in the greater New York City area with our volunteer hike leaders. Upcoming hikes (shown below in our Calendar) are:

  • within 50 miles of NYC
  • accessible by public transportation
  • about 16-18 miles in 8-9 hours

Trail blazes on post

Sunday Hikes

We go hiking nearly every Sunday, year-round. Occasionally we hike on other days too. We go out in all kinds of weather–check with the leader if uncertain.

For more details about what to expect on our hikes, check out our About page.

Join Us

Haven’t hiked with us before? No worries–come along and see what it’s like. Please note that you MUST be an experienced hiker in good physical shape able to hike at a moderate to fast pace.

  1. Simply find a hike below
  2. Contact the hike leader, tell leader about your hiking experience, and find out when and where to meet
  3. Meet us at the designated place

Note that NYC subways are not as frequent on early Sunday mornings—allow extra time to get to the meeting place.

After coming along on two hikes, send in the application form for membership. (Annual dues are $6 per year, plus $1 initial fee.)

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Hiking involves certain inherent risks; hikers participating do so at their own risk.

When you participate in activities listed in the Schedule, you should be both physically and mentally prepared and equipped with the appropriate gear. The hike leader is not responsible for your safety, you are. There is no age limit; however, those who bring children must assume full responsibility for their safety and conduct at all times. The hike leader has the authority to turn away anyone who is not adequately prepared. Hikes don’t always finish at the expected time.

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>> Hike Calendar

Sun. July 1.

(East Hudson Highlands)

[ Note: Due to extreme heat forecast (real feel 110 degrees) the hike to Manitou etc. is canceled and will be rescheduled. We apologize for any inconvenience. Hope to see you on another hike soon! ]

Sun. July 8.

(Sterling Forest State Park)
From Arden use Appalachian Trail to ascend Agony Grind, pass Little Dam Pond, and roller coaster over Buchanan Mtn., Mombasha High Point, Cat Rocks, and Eastern Pinnacles. Proceed along blue-blaze trail to the Bellvale Creamery. Return to AT and pass Mt. Peter. Exit via Village Vista Trail to Greenwood Lake. Strenuous. NY-NJTC Map 100.
[ Note: About 14 miles at a strong pace. This strenuous hike is my all-time favorite section of the Appalachian Trail in New York. The initial ascent up Agony Grind is over 500’–that’s almost half the Empire State building–and then the trail rollercoasters up and down throughout the day. Yeeha!!
Not for beginners. Must be experienced and able to withstand possible temperatures in the 80s or 90s. Please bring some fruit or candy (trail magic) for possible AT thru hikers en route. And don’t forget to bring sufficient water for yourself.
Depending on traffic, we should be back in the city before 8:00pm. Bus tickets approx. $30 total. Hope you can come!
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Lee

Email hike leader >>

NYC hike leader, Lee

Sun. July 15.

(New York City)
From Grand Army Plaza, Manhattan, use local streets to explore the various locations of the 1863 Draft Riots, the most important event of the Civil War to occur in New York, ending in Union Square Park. Then via the entire Bowery, the oldest City thoroughfare, to today’s Chinatown. Cross the Manhattan Bridge to downtown Brooklyn and continue to Prospect Park and Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza.
 Accessible by public transit subway—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Dennis
Home: 212-925-2739
Sun. July 22.

(New York State)
From Mount Ivy, use LP south, passing Little Tor (short detour to summit), High Tor, and Long Clove. From Landing Hill Road use Shore Path to North Nyack. Earlier exit at Rockland Lake possible. NY-NJTC maps 110-112.
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Anne Marie

Email hike leader >>

NYC hiking group leader, Anne Marie

Sat. July 28.

(Long Island)
(Note: this is a Saturday hike.) From marina at Watch Hill National Seashore, follow boardwalk through bird viewing area. Proceed northward along beaches of Otis Pike High Dune Wilderness area until reaching sea breach. Double back and proceed to Davis Park. Exit to Watch Hill on boardwalk. Approx. 10 miles with pauses for swimming. Contact leader in advance for details. RT train and ferry $32. Return on ferry at sunset or earlier.
  Accessible by public transportation train and transfer to ferry—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Lee

Email hike leader >>

NYC hike leader, Lee

Sun. July 29: No Sunday hike.

>> August

Sun. Aug. 5.

(Harriman State Park)
From Tuxedo train station use local streets to Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail, which hike to Triangle Trail; thence on TT to White Bar Trail, over Car Pond Mountain, and onto Nurian Trail. Right on NT to rejoin RD southbound to Blue Disc. Out to Tuxedo via BD and Kakiat trails. NY-NJTC Map 118. Leader will meet group at Tuxedo Station.
  Accessible by public transportation bus, and by car—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Bob

Email hike leader >>

Sun. Aug. 12.

(New Jersey)
From Summit station use local streets to enter Reservation via bridle path and hike various trails within, including History Trail and Sierra Trail. Pass quarry, Old Mill, Seeley’s Pond, Deserted Village, and Felt House museum.
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 

Email hike leader >>

Leader: Zee

Sun. Aug. 19.

(Harriman State Park)
From Tuxedo train station enter Harriman Park and use Kakiat Trail to meet Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail near Grandma and Grandpa Rocks. Follow SBM northbound to Tuxedo-Mt. Ivy Trail which hike back to Tuxedo. Strenuous. NY-NJTC Map 118. Leader Todd will meet group at Tuxedo Station.
  Accessible by public transportation bus, and by car—contact leaders for details. 
Leaders: Todd…

Email hike leader >>

…and Lee

Email hike leader >>

NYC hike leader, ToddNYC hike leader, Lee

Sun. Aug. 26.

(Long Island, New York City)
From Long Beach station walk along the waterfront to the Atlantic Beach Bridge. Cross the bridge into the Rockaways for more beach (or boardwalk) rambling to the Marine Parkway Bridge and over into Sheepshead Bay. Thence to walk the entire Coney Island Boardwalk. Various paddling opportunities and an ending swim available. (Approx. 20 miles.)
 Accessible by train—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Hilary

Email hike leader >>

>> September

Sun. Sep. 2.

(Harriman State Park)
From Southfields use local roads to the Nurian Trail. At first trail intersection, flip a coin to determine whether to proceed left or right. At next intersection, repeat coin toss to determine direction (unless trail exits park). Continue in this manner until mid-afternoon, at which point consult maps, plan exit strategy and withdraw. At lunchtime, perform annual rendition of Cage’s 4’33”. NY-NJTC maps 118, 119.
 Accessible by bus—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Ian

Email hike leader >>


Sun. Sep. 9.

(New York State)
From Salisbury Mills station use local roads to Trestle Trail trailhead on Otterkill Road. Climb TT and join Barton Swamp Trail. Hike BST south west and via Ridge-To-Ridge Trail meet Jessup Trail and use to Dark Hollow Trail. Follow DHT to its end. Soon cross rail tracks on Sweet Clover Trail and join JT. Re-cross tracks and out to Salisbury Mills station via Otterkill Trail. NY-NJTC Map 114. Cars helpful. (Available drivers please contact leader in advance.)
  Accessible by train and by car—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Teresa

Email hike leader >>

Wed. Sep. 12.

An evening together to remember our good friend and mentor (and sole hike scheduler for 30 years), Kurt Ramig, who passed away on April 4, 2018. Meet at the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, 40 Second Avenue (near East 9th Street) at 7:00 for dinner. All stories welcome! For further information contact coordinator. RSVP by August 22.
Coordinator: Richard

Email coordinator >>

Sun. Sep. 16.

(Harriman State Park)
A full working day clearing and improving the NY Ramblers’ section of this Harriman Park trail after the seasonal growth spurt. Bring clippers and other garden tools you possess. NY-NJTC map 119.
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Supervisor: Trails Committee Chair

Email supervisor >>

Hike leader, Ben

Sun. Sep 23.

(New York City)
From City Hall subway stop walk over Brooklyn Bridge. Enter BB Park via Squibb Bridge. Hike the shore to Red Hook and NYC Ferry to Governors Island. Explore 172 acres and trails therein. Lunch at Governors Island Picnic Point, with option to purchase from local food trucks. Return by NYC Ferry to South Williamsburg and walk over Williamsburg Bridge, returning to meeting spot.
  Accessible by public transit subway, and by ferries—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Bindu

Email hike leader >>

Sat. Sep. 29 – Sat. Oct. 6.

Seven days hiking sections of this 70-mile long trail. “Part of the Potomac Heritage Trail, it is one of the most celebrated Pennsylvania hiking trails for its varied terrain and wondrous beauty.” Side trips may include Frank Lloyd Wright homes Falling Water and Kentuck Knob. Overnights at Yough Plaza Motel and possibly one other. Cars needed. Available drivers and all interested should contact leader well in advance for details.
 Accessible by car pool—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Kay

Email hike leader >>

Hike leader, Kay

Sun. Sep. 30.

(Harriman State Park)
From Tuxedo Park & Ride cross Rte. 17 into Harriman SP and hike entire Parker Cabin Hollow to White Bar Trail, which use (south) to join Triangle Trail. Via TT and Ramapo-Dunderberg Tail, proceed to Kakiat Trail. Use KT to Blue Disc Trail. On BD, ascend Almost Perpendicular on Dater Mountain. Retrace to KT and Dater Mountain County Nature Park. Follow Orange and Blue trails exiting onto Johnsontown Rd. and out to Sloatsburg train station. NY-NJTC map 118.
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Lilian

Email hike leader >>


>> October

Sun. Oct. 7.

(New Jersey)
From Millburn station enter South Mountain Reservation and hike newly blazed and relocated Lenape Tail to the northern tip. Return to station via other blazed trails: Mayapple (blue); Oakdale (red); Turtle Back clockwise (orange); and Rahway (white).
 Accessible by public transportation train—contact leader for details. 
Leaders: Clive…

Email hike leader >>

…and Lisa

Email hike leader >>

CliveNew York City hike leader, Lisa

Tues. Oct. 9.

Details will be mailed to members in early September.
Sun. Oct.14.

(New Jersey)
From Bound Brook train station use local streets to Washington Valley Park. Walk length of WVP and Chimney Rock Township Park to connect with Middle Brook Greenway. Follow trails and streets along the MBG, Chambers Brook, and Raritan River, past Sunset Lake, Gene King, Bedminster, and River Road parks to Far Hills train station. Steady pace; no early outs.
 Accessible by public transportation train—contact leader for details. 
Leaders: Camille…

Email hike leader >>

…and Anna

Email hike leader >>

Sun. Oct. 21.

(New York State)
From Vails Gate use network of old railroad grades to Bull Road in New Britain. Proceed to Lorraine Road parking in Stewart SF and explore features therein including Buchanan Hill, Great Swamp Boardwalk and Kelly’s Pond. Exit via Barron and Decker Roads to Maybrook. Continue on old railroad grades to Campbell Hall. 18-20 miles.
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Chris

Email hike leader >>

NYC hike leader, Chris

Sun. Oct. 28.

(Bear Mountain State Park, Harriman State Park)
From the bus stop opposite Brooks Lake, circumnavigate the lake before heading west on 1779 Trail, then continuing on the Popolopen Gorge Trail until it intersects with the Long Path. Head north/west on the LP and shortly climb to the Torrey Memorial. Continue on the LP to Smith Clove Road in Central Valley. NY-NJTC Map 119.
[ Note:This year is the 80th anniversary of the death of Raymond Torrey, ‘Father of the Trails’, and of the first memorial hike in his honor. From the 1938 Rambler schedule: “On this day the entire Hiking Fraternity will commemorate the passing of the late Raymond H. Torrey, when Memorial Services will be held, and his ashes will be scattered on the top of Long Mt., on the F.B.S.K. Trail. Meet: Ft. W. 42nd St. Ferry to make 8:15 boat. Cost: $1.50.” ]
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Eve

Email hike leader >>

nyrambler hike leader, Eve

>> November

Sat. Nov. 3.

Morning hike through Rockwood Hall and Rockefeller State Parks in Sleepy Hollow. After lunch, while reading excerpts from Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, we follow the route, as best we can, taken by Ichabod Crane through Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow on the fateful night when he encountered the Headless Horseman. Visit the burying ground of the Old Dutch Church and the graves of author and characters. Leader will meet group at Tarrytown Station. Awful weather cancels.
  Accessible by public transportation train, and by car—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Eileen

Email hike leader >>

Sun. Nov. 4. No Sunday hike.
Sun. Nov. 11.

(New York State)
Hike various trails in this popular park as chosen by leader on the day of the hike, depending on weather conditions and group experience. NY-NJTC map SRT 4. Cars needed. (N.B. Available drivers and hikers needing a ride must contact leader three days prior to the hike.)
  Accessible by public transportation bus, then transfer to car pool—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Basia

Email hike leader >>

Sun. Nov. 18.

(Bear Mountain State Park, East Hudson Highlands)
From Bear Mtn. Inn use Appalachian Trail to cross BM Bridge and climb to meet Camp Smith Trail. South on CST for an Anthonys Nose detour and spectacular view of Bear Mtn. Rejoin AT and, after diverting to Phillips Mine at Hemlock Springs Campsite, summit Canada Hill and proceed as far as Curry Pond Trail. Use CPT to join Osborne Loop and use to Sugarloaf Trail. Climb Sugarloaf Hill, then exit to Garrison station via ST and White and Blue Glenclyffe trails. NY-NJTC Map 101.
 Accessible by public transportation bus—contact leader for details. 
Leaders: Ingrid

Email hike leader >>

NYC hike leader, Ingrid

Sun. Nov. 25.

(New York City)
From 178th St. and Fort Washington Ave. walk to the Harlem River, crossing on the Washington Bridge. Return to Manhattan over High Bridge, and proceed to the Hudson River via local streets and parks. Cross to Ft. Lee, NJ on the George Washington Bridge. and explore various trails within Palisades Interstate Park before returning to NY via GWB. NY-NJTC map 108.
 Accessible by public transit subway—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Dennis Gin
Home: 212-925-2739


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Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.
~Jack Kerouac

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