Join the New York Ramblers hiking club and discover some of the most delightful hiking trails in the greater New York City area with our volunteer hike leaders. Upcoming hikes (shown below in our Hike Calendar) are:

  • about 14-18 miles long in 8-9 hours
  • accessible by public transportation
  • within 50 miles of NYC

Photo of New York Ramblers passing through Lemon Squeezer, Harriman State Park, NY.

Sunday Hikes

We go hiking nearly every Sunday, year-round. Occasionally we hike on other days too. We go out in all kinds of weather–check with the leader if uncertain.

For more details about what to expect on our hikes, check out our About page.

For Serious Hikers

Please note that you MUST be an experienced hiker in good physical shape, with proper gear, and able to hike at a brisk pace for 8-9 hours. Haven’t hiked with us before? No worries–come along as a guest and see what it’s like.

  1. Simply find a hike below
  2. Contact the hike leader, tell leader about your hiking experience, and find out when and where to meet
  3. Meet us at the designated place

Note that NYC subways are not as frequent on early Sunday mornings—allow extra time to get to the meeting place.

After coming along as a guest on two hikes, send in the application form for membership. (Annual dues are $6 per year, plus $1 initial fee.)

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Hiking involves certain inherent risks; hikers participating do so at their own risk.

When you participate in activities listed in the Schedule, you should be both physically and mentally prepared and equipped with the appropriate gear. The hike leader is not responsible for your safety, you are. There is no age limit; however, those who bring children must assume full responsibility for their safety and conduct at all times. The hike leader has the authority to turn away anyone who is not adequately prepared. Hikes don’t always finish at the expected time.

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>> Hike Calendar

Daily – May 31
(Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island)
If you are doing social distancing, here is a helpful list of sites that feature local hikes in NYC that you can do on your own.
The Most Beautiful Walks in New York City / FITT
Self-Guided Walking Tours to Explore New York, New York / GPSMYCITY
Hiking Trails / NYC PARKS DEPT
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The 5 Best Places for You to Hike in New York City / DNA INFO
(Thanks, Eve!)

In light of Gov. Cuomo’s “PAUSE” directive, here are suggestions to keep safe while hiking in New York State Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation locations.
Covid-19 Update
(Thanks Eileen!)

>> June

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Group hikes are cancelled now through June 7. After that, hikes may be cancelled pursuant to government directives, or by leader discretion. Updates will be posted below prior to hike. Hope to see you soon!
Sun. June 7.
No hike.
Sun. June 14.
(NYC Parks, NY)
(Note: Due to Covid-19 concerns about group size, this hike is limited to dues-paying members and their guests only. This temporary restriction is in place until the end of June. )
From subway station, proceed via Highland Park, Cypress Hills Cemetery, Forest Park, and iconic Flushing Meadow Corona Park (site of two World’s Fairs) to Flushing’s Chinatown for possible après-hike dining. Early exit options.
 Accessible by subway–contact leader for details.
Leader: Lee

Email hike leader >>

NYC hike leader, Lee

Sat. June 20.
(Bear Mountain/Harriman State Park, NY)
(Note: Due to Covid-19 concerns about group size, this hike is limited to dues-paying members and their guests only. This temporary restriction is in place until the end of June. )
(Note: this is a Saturday hike.) From Manitou station use local roads to Appalachian Trail. Follow AT Georgia-bound over Bear Mountain Bridge, through (or around) the Zoo, past Hessian Lake. Continue up and over Bear Mountain to the Fawn Trail. Use FT to its eastern end and then use ski route to 1777E Trail. Use the 1777E Trail back to the Zoo and retrace route out to Manitou station. NY-NJTC map 119.
 Accessible by train –contact leader for details.
Leader: Ian

Email hike leader >>


Sun. June 21.
No Sunday hike.
Sun. June 28.
(Manhattan, Brooklyn, Hoboken)
(Note: Due to Covid-19 concerns about group size, this hike is limited to dues-paying members and their guests only. This temporary restriction is in place until the end of June. )
Visit various railroad terminals that played an important part in the early 20th Century history of the metro area. From Grand Central Terminal, walk to Hudson Yards via Penn Station. Use High Line to Christopher Street PATH train, which take to Hoboken. Visit Hoboken Terminal and, via local streets, the CRRNJ (Central Railroad of New Jersey) Terminal in Liberty State Park. Use PATH from Grove Street to return to Manhattan and the new World Trade Center Terminal. Cross Brooklyn Bridge to the Brooklyn Atlantic Terminal.
 Accessible by subway–contact leader for details.
Leader: Dennis
Home: 212-925-2739

>> July

Sun. July 5.
(East Hudson Highlands State Park, NY)
From Beacon station, follow Riverside Trail passing hat factory ruins onto Tioronda and Wolcott Avenues. Ascend steep Casino Trail and proceed on dirt roads to summit of North Beacon Mountain and seldom-visited DAR monument. Return to and continue on Casino Trail. Take side trip to fire tower. Then proceed to Wilkinson Memorial Trail, to Fishkill Ridge Trail loop, passing Bald Hill and Lamb Hill, and descend to Beacon. Exit via local streets to train station. NY-NJTC Map 102.
 Accessible by train –contact leader for details.
Leaders: Lee; Hugues

Email hike leader >>

NYC hike leader, Lee

Sun. July 12.
(Harriman State Park, NY)
From Ladentown, use local streets to hiker’s parking off Diltz Road. Follow gas line east to File Factory Hollow, which use to meet Woodtown Road; turn right and ascend to First Reservoir. Turn left onto Old Turnpike, which becomes Cranberry Mountain Trail. Continue on CMT to Pine Meadow Road, then ski trail to Lake Sebago. Follow lakeside path and, after touching Tuxedo-Mount Ivy trail, use unnamed woods road to connect to White Bar Trail. Out to Sloatsburg via WBT and local roads. NY-NJTC map 118.
 Accessible by bus–contact leader for details.
Leader: Todd

Email hike leader >>

NYC hike leader, Todd

Sun. July 19.
(Rockland Lake and Hook Mountain State Parks, NY)
From Upper Nyack bus stop hike north on Rte. 9W (Long Path) and follow LP over Hook Mountain and through Rockland Lake and Hook Mountain State parks until a descending trail (White) appears at right. Use W to Hudson riverside (by ruins) and turn south on cycle path. Return to starting bus stop via cycle path and Upper Nyack Trail (W) from parking lot to Rte. 9W. NY-NJTC maps 110, 111.
 Accessible by bus–contact leader for details.
Leader: Anne Marie

Email hike leader >>

NYC hiking group leader, Anne Marie

Sun. July 26.
(Harriman State Park, NY)
Hike this popular trail in its entirety. From Equestrian Center off Rte. 202 follow the trail to its terminus and out to Sloatsburg via local streets. NY-NJTC map 118.
 Accessible by bus–contact leader for details.
Leader: Zee

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HIKES FOR AUG – NOV: Our hike schedule is already done for these upcoming months, and time permitting, our webmaster will finish coding and posting them here by the end of May. Stay tuned!

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.
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