Join the New York Ramblers hiking club and discover some of the most delightful hiking trails in the greater New York City area. Our weekly hikes (listed down below) are usually:

  •   Sundays (or Saturdays)
  •   about 14-18 miles in 7-8 hours
  •   accessible by public transportation
  •   within 50 miles of NYC

For additional details, go to our About page.

Photo of the New York Ramblers hiking group in Harriman State Park.

For Serious Hikers

You MUST be an experienced hiker in good physical shape, with proper gear, and able to hike at a moderate to fast pace for 7-8 hours. Haven’t hiked with us before? No worries–come along as a guest and see what it’s like.

  1. Find a hike below
  2. Contact the hike leader
    • tell leader about your hiking experience
    • ask about how difficult the hike is
    • find out when and where to meet
  3. Meet us  at the designated place

NYC subways are not as frequent on early Sunday mornings—allow extra time to get to the meeting place.

Hikes are free (thank you volunteer hike leaders!) After coming along on two hikes, send in the application form for membership. (Annual dues are $6 per year, plus $1 initial fee.) Some leaders may limit the number of guests on their hike.

Sorry, but our hikes are not for everyone. We hike at a fast pace. We hike all day long. We have a lot of experience. If this isn’t you, please consider one of these groups with shorter distances and easier hikes:

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Hiking involves certain inherent risks; hikers participating do so at their own risk.

When you participate in activities listed in the Schedule, you should be both physically and mentally prepared and equipped with the appropriate gear. The hike leader is not responsible for your safety, you are. There is no age limit; however, those who bring children must assume full responsibility for their safety and conduct at all times. The hike leader has the authority to turn away anyone who is not adequately prepared. Hikes don’t always finish at the expected time.

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>> Hike Calendar

UPDATES: Under unusual conditions, hikes may be canceled at leader discretion and will be posted below prior to hike.

>> March

Sun. Mar. 26.

(Harriman State Park)
From Sloatsburg station use local roads to Pine Meadow Trail. Turn onto Stony Brook Trail, which follow alongside Stony Brook to the Tuxedo-Mt. Ivy Trail and Lake Sebago. Use T-MI and lakeshore path to the lake’s northern end. Connect to Victory Trail using short woods road. Out to Tuxedo via VT and Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail. NY-NJTC map 118.
• Hike duration about 7-8 hours at a fast pace
 Accessible by train–contact leader for details.
Leader: Lilian Oling

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Photo of New York Ramblers leader, Lilian

>> April

Sun. Apr. 2.

(New Jersey)
From Back Beach Park head up Indian Rock Trail, then take Wanaque Ridge around to a jog on Cannonball Trail. Go north on Castle Loop past ruins and Stone Tower to Skyline Dr. crossing. Take Tamarack Loop clockwise to hike Todd Hill Loop, which returns to TL, and then continue to Skyline Dr. Meet CT via retracing CL jog, and head south onto Ramapo Lake Loop clockwise. Complete LeGrande Hill Loop back to RLL, and continue south to connect to IRT to exit. NY-NJTC Map 150 (former 115).
• Hike duration about 7-8 hours at a fast pace
 Accessible by bus–contact leader for details.
Leader: Andres Lopez-Ovejero

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Photo of New York Rambler, Andres.

Sat. Apr. 8.

(New Jersey)
(Note: this is a Saturday hike.) From Rte 210 #197 bus stop ascend the State Line Trail to meet the Appalachian Trail, which hike westbound to the shelter at Wawayanda State Park. Turn south on the William Hoeferlin Trail, which follow (via jog on the Double Pond Trail) to the Plymouth Lane and Banker trails and local roads Cherry Ridge and Clinton. Use a woods road connecting to the Terrace Pond area trails West Loop, Circular, North Loop, and North Spur, to exit at Warwick Turnpike. NY-NJTC Map 152.
• Hike duration about 7-8 hours at a fast pace
• Strenuous

 Accessible by bus–contact leader for details.
Leaders: Erik Guevara; Gaelle Breton

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Photo of New York Ramblers leader, ErikPhoto of New York Rambler, Gaelle.

Sun. Apr. 9.
No Sunday hike.
Sun. Apr. 16.

From New Haven Union Station, proceed on local streets to Wooster Square Park and then to East Rock Park with views over the city and LI Sound. Explore trails therein and cross valley west to pick up Farmington Canal Greenway, which follow back through New Haven and Yale campus. Time permitting, continue to Long Wharf Park and LI Sound.
• Hike duration about 7-8 hours at a moderate pace
 Accessible by train–contact leader for details.
Leader: (Ludwig won’t be available to lead this hike as originally planned, but we hope to have a substitute and his/her contact soon. Stay tuned)
Sun. Apr. 23.

From Peekskill station, use local streets to enter Depew Park at Bay St. Use Blue Mtn. Access Trail (D) to enter Blue Mountain Reservation at Post 39. Via Posts 37, 38, 40, and 41, meet Peekskill-Briarcliff trailhead. Then follow PBT through BMR to exit at Watch Hill Rd. Cross, and continue on PBT (some road sections) to Croton Dam. (Early exit to Croton Harmon station available here via OCA.) Continue on Croton Dam Road to southern section of PBT, passing through Teatown Reservation and exiting at Ryder Rd. in Ossining. Out to Ossining station on local streets.
• Hike duration about 7-8 hours at a fast pace
 Accessible by train–contact leader for details.
Leader: Leah Yerpe

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Photo of New York Rambler hike leader, Leah.

Sat. Apr. 29.

(Sandy Hook, New Jersey)
(Note: this is a Saturday hike.) From train station use Henry Hudson Trail to Highlands (stopping at Twin Lights State Historic site). Then cross Sandy Hook bridge, proceed to Gateway National Recreation Area and Sandy Hook and to Fort Hancock Ferry Terminal. (approx. 27 miles.) Returning to NYC by 7:15 pm Seastreak Ferry.
• Very strenuous
• Hike duration about 12 hours at a fast pace

 Accessible by train–contact leader for details.
Leaders: Todd Freedman; Gloria Yuan

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NYC hike leader, ToddPhoto of New York Rambler hike leader, Gloria.

Sun. Apr. 30.
A gentle hike for legacy Ramblers (and all who want to meet with legacy Ramblers).
(Irvington to Greystone)
From Irvington gently ascend to the Old Croton Aqueduct.  On the OCA mosey north to the Hudson River Trail, amble around Lyndhurst, return to the OCA and head south passing the Octogon House.  Wander past Hastings to use local streets to Broadway.  A short north on Broadway to Lenoir, peeking at the Boyce-Thompson Mansion, and then south to the Untermyer Gardens.  Out to Greystone Station on local streets.  Numerous places to drop out of this leisurely hike that parallels Metro North and two bus lines.  

 Accessible by train–contact leader for details.

Leaders: Michael Chenkin, Jim Korn

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>> May

Sun. May 7.

(Harriman State Park)
A full working day clearing and improving the NY Ramblers’ section of this Harriman Park trail prior to the seasonal growth spurt. Bring clippers and other garden tools you possess. NY-NJTC Map 119. Cars helpful. (Available drivers please contact leader in advance.)
• Duration about 7-8 hours
 Accessible by bus–contact leader for details.
Leader: Todd Freedman, Trails Committee Chair

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NYC hike leader, Todd

Sat. May 13.

(Note: this is a Saturday hike.) Legacy hike led by Don Recklies on July 19, 2009. Hikers will meander through Green-Wood Cemetery, pausing at graves and monuments of interest, including the burial place of former Ramblers’ president, Kurt Ramig. Exit will be by local streets and then trails in Prospect Park to the Grand Army Plaza MTA station.
• Hike duration about 7-8 hours at a moderate pace
 Accessible by subway –contact leader for details.
Leader: Don Recklies

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NYC hike leader, Don

Sun. May 14.
No Sunday hike. (Mother’s Day.)
Sun. May 21.

(Hudson Highlands State Park)
Legacy hike led by Clive Morrick on Aug. 26, 2012.
From Manitou station use trails in Manitou Point Preserve to connect to Rte. 9D. Road walk to Manitoga and use red and yellow trails to Osborn Loop north. Connect to Curry Pond Trail and thence to Appalachian Trail. Continue north on AT to Old West Point Road, then south on OWPR to join Old Albany Post Road. Jog right to its beginning, then reverse direction and hike its entire 6.6-mile length. Out to Cold Spring via Indian Brook Road and Foundry Trails or local routes. NY-NJTC Map 101.
• Hike duration about 7-8 hours at a fast pace
 Accessible by train–contact leader for details.
Contact Leader

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Sun. May 28.

From 178th St. and Ft. Washington Ave. cross George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River to Ft. Lee Historic Park, N.J. Then descend to the river on the Shore Line Trail, which hike to Dyckman Hill Trail. Ascend DHT to the Long Path. South on LP and, via local streets, enter Flat Rock Brook Nature Center and hike trails within. Return to Manhattan via local streets, LP, and GWB. Cross Harlem River three times using Washington, Highbridge, and Macombs Dam bridges, ending the hike at Yankee stadium. NY-NJTC Map 108.
• Hike duration about 7-8 hours at a moderate pace
 Accessible by subway–contact leader for details.
Leader: Dennis Gin
Home: 212-925-2739

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Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.
~Jack Kerouac

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