Discover some of the most delightful hiking trails in the greater New York City area with The New York Ramblers—and get there on public transportation.

Our volunteer hike leaders will take you on new approaches to popular destinations and along seldom-used routes.

South Taconics Trail, Taconics State Park, NY.

[ South Taconics Trail, Taconics State Park, NY. ]

Hike with Us

Hikes are usually 16-18 miles long with 8-9 hours of walking at a moderate pace. You MUST be an experienced hiker in good physical shape.

We explore easy flat terrain to rugged mountain tops. 

Most hikes are usually within 50 miles of NYC, accessible by public transportation, and sometimes by car.

  1. Find a hike below
  2. Contact the hike leader, tell leader about your hiking experience, and find out when and where to meet
  3. Meet us at the designated place

After coming along on two hikes, you should send in the application form for membership (dues are $6/year.)


Sunday Hikes

The New York Ramblers go hiking nearly every Sunday (and ocassionally on a Saturday.) Note that NYC buses and subways are not as frequent on early Sunday mornings-allow extra time to get to the meeting place.

Extreme weather conditions might cancel a hike—check with the leader if uncertain. To learn more about our hikes, check out the About page.

Hope to see you soon!

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Hiking involves certain inherent risks; hikers participating do so at their own risk.

When you participate in activities listed in the Schedule, you should be both physically and mentally prepared and equipped with the appropriate gear. The hike leader is not responsible for your safety, you are. There is no age limit; however, those who bring children must assume full responsibility for their safety and conduct at all times. The hike leader has the authority to turn away anyone who is not adequately prepared. Hikes don’t always finish at the expected time.

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>> Hike Calendar

Sun. Apr. 2.

(Bear Mountain State Park, NY)
Enter Bear Mountain State Park via 1777 Trail, which use until left turn onto Timp Pass Rd. Meet Red Cross Trail, which hike until right turn onto unnamed woods road leading to Cycle Path extension of Beechy Bottom Rd., and follow BBR to connect with Fawn Trail. Hike FT and Doodletown Bridle Path, then ski trail, to meet 1777 Trail on its Pleasant Valley Rd. section. Out to Bear Mountain Inn via 1777 E Trail. NY-NJTC map 119.
 Accessible by public transit bus—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Clive
Cell: 646-519-0905;

Email hike leader  >>


Sun. Apr. 9.

(Bronx, NY)
From Greenlawn Station use local streets to Manor Plains School, then Old Field to MP Nature Park and county parkland, connecting to Berkeley Jackson Park. Cross Jericho Tpke. and Parkway, continue via DeForest Rd. to Dix Hills Park, then jog east briefly to hit powerline south. Cross under LIE to Candlewood Path and Coltrane house, soon to be a museum. Rejoin powerline, which jogs west, then debouch to Pinelawn via Kevin VerPault Memorial Park. Visit Trane’s grave and the graves of other notables. Leader meets group at Jamaica.
 Accessible by public transit train—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Chris

Email hike leader  >>

Sun. Apr. 16.

(Harriman State Park, NY)
From Sloatsburg Station use local roads to Pine Meadow Trail, which hike until it meets Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail, passing scenic Pine Meadow Lake. Take SBM south to its exit at Suffern, passing Grandma and Grandpa Rocks, Valley of Dry Bones, and the Kitchen Stairs. NY-NJTC map 118.
 Accessible by public transit train—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Romy

Email hike leader  >>

Sun. Apr. 23.

(Long Island, NY)
From Montauk Station, walk to Montauk Point lighthouse. Continue along shore of Block Island Sound past False Point and Oyster Pond to Shagwong Point. Using park trails return to Atlantic coastline and continue to Montauk Station. Leader meets group at Jamaica.

[ Scouting report: From Montauk Station we will walk briefly to the downtown area then hit the beach for a sandy walk along the inviting Atlantic coastline, traversing under bluffs and over rocky terrain along the way. We will follow this path all the way to the Montauk Point lighthouse. (Those who need an early exit are advised to stop here to call for a taxi back to the station. Check LIRR train times for early exits). After a brief lunch, we will continue the hike as written. Choose your footwear wisely as we will encounter various types of terrain. Bug repellent is recommended. Hope to see you there. ]

[ UPDATE: The weather forecast has completely improved since a few days ago–so hike will take place as planned. Hope to see you there! ]

 Accessible by public transit train—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Zee

Email hike leader  >>


Sun. April 30.

(Sterling Forest, NY)
From Rte 17 climb Agony Grind and continue on the Appalachian Trail over Mombasha High Point. Loop around the new Doris Duke Trail. Continue on the AT to admire Cat Rocks and Eastern Pinnacles, concluding with a hard-earned treat at Bellvale Creamery. Strenuous. NY-NJTC map 100.

[ Scouting Report: Hike is challenging and strenuous—not too easy—15.5 miles with over 3,000 ft elevation gain. Good for experienced ramblers/hikers, but might not be very enjoyable to novice. I scouted with my friends —saw 4 snakes—2 of them fairly big and almost stepped on them as we were in a rush—the two big ones were on the highlands trail—presume not many people take it and as it gets warmer, the snakes get out of hibernation. Here is a link that should be useful. We meet at 7:45-7:50 at the usual spot and we will head over to buy tix. Bus gets very busy and we want to be sure not to get left behind!! Total cost of bus tickets is about $32.

 Accessible by public transit bus—contact leader for details. 
Leaders: Ivan and Donve

Email hike leader  >>

NYC hike leader, IvanNYC hike leader, Donve

>> May

Sun. May 7.

(Harriman State Park, NY)
Spend a full working day clearing and improving the NY Ramblers’ section of this Harriman Park trail. Bring clippers and other garden tools you possess. NY-NJTC map 119.
 Accessible by public transit bus—contact leader for details. 
Supervisor: Trails Committee Chair
Home: 718-384-2908 (no calls after 9:00 pm)

Email hike leader  >>

Sun. May 14.

(Palisades, NY)
From Piermont, follow the Long Path all day south to the George Washington Bridge passing through Tallman Mountain State Park, past the State Line café, the Women’s Federation Monument, and Greenbrook Sanctuary. Cross the GWB to Manhattan. (This completes the circuit begun last November 27.) NY-NJTC maps 108, 109.
 Accessible by public transit bus—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Teresa

Email hike leader  >>

Sun. May 21.

(Harriman State Park, NY)
From Arden bus stop use Appalachian Trail (with a smidgen of the Arden-Surebridge Trail) to White Bar Trail. Hike WB south to Triangle Trail, then turn east and follow TT to Victory Trail on the shore of Lake Skenonto. Use VT to Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail and continue out to Tuxedo. NY-NJTC maps 119, 118.
 Accessible by public transit bus—contact leader for details. 
Leaders: Lilian and…

Email hike leader >>


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Fri. May 26 – Mon. May 29.

Spend three days hiking in western Massachusetts, mainly on the Appalachian Trail. Overnights at Virginia Wolff’s house. Contact leader or host in advance for details.
 Accessible by car pool—contact leader for details. Leader: Chris
Home: 718-898-0914

Email hike leader  >>

Host: Virginia
Home: 917-470-2435

Email hike leader  >>

Sun. May 28.

(Queens, NY)
Examine the restored marsh at Marine Park and attempt to view restorations of historic aircraft at Hanger B in Floyd Bennett Field. Then cross the Gil Hodges Bridge to loop the old fortifications at Fort Tilden.
 Accessible by public transit bus—contact leader for details. 
Leader: Don
Home: 718 768-9036; Cell: 646 675-5787

Email hike leader  >>

NYC hike leader, Don

Advance notice: Fri. July 21–Mon. July 24.

Up to three days hiking in the Southern Catskills, focusing on the Long Path. Hikes to include Slide-Cornell-Wittenberg. Contact leader in advance for details.
  Accessible by public transit bus and possibly taxi—contact leader for details. Leader: Ian

Email hike leader  >>


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Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.
~Jack Kerouac

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