Harriman State Park: Three Lakes and Two Mountains

Sun. August 28

Join us as we explore picturesque trails along Lake Sebago, Lake Wanoksink, and Pine Meadow Lake, climbing Cobus and Nordkup Mountains. Optional dinner afterwards in Suffern. See Schedule page.

{ Hope to see you there! }

*  *  *

Seventh annual John Cage Birthday Hike

Sun. Sept. 4

Flip a coin at trail intersections to determine by chance whether proceed right or left until late afternoon, at which point consult maps to plan exit strategy. At lunchtime, perform annual rendition of Cage's 4'33". See Schedule page.

{ Good luck! }

*  *  *

Torrey Memorial Circular

Sun. Oct. 30

Come along on our annual visit to the plaque honoring trail visionary Raymond H. Torrey in Harriman State Park. Climb scenic Popolopen Torne, pass along Popolopen Gorge, Queensboro and Turkey Hill Lakes, and on the historic 1777 Trail. See Schedule page.

{ Join us! }

*  *  *