Bronx Greenways and Waterside Parks

Sun. Oct. 9

Join us as we explore city streets in Bronx greenways and waterside parks for the price of a subway fare. Who needs to leave town when you have gems like this close at hand? See Schedule page.

{ Hope to see you there! }

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Torrey Memorial Circular

Sun. Oct. 30

Come along on our annual visit to the plaque honoring trail visionary Raymond H. Torrey in Harriman State Park. Climb scenic Popolopen Torne, pass along Popolopen Gorge, Queensboro and Turkey Hill Lakes, and on the historic 1777 Trail. See Schedule page.

{ Join us! }

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Palisades Shore Turkey Trot

Sun. Nov. 27

Stretch your legs a bit after sitting around the dining room table. Join us to hike a few Palisades trails just across the George Washington Bridge, passing through the Giant Stairs and Tallman Mountain State Park.  See Schedule page.

{ Hope you can trot along! }

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